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Astice SMS-Sender

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Sending Text Messages (SMS) From Almost Any Windows-Application

Astice SMS-Sender is a piece of software which closes the gap between traditional texting with a handset and/or using a web interface for sending an SMS.

You can send a text message from almost any Windows application. Astice SMS-Sender reads the phone number directly from the screen. Whether it is a general ledger, an address book or some website: Send an SMS easy and straightforward with your computer.

All you need is a computer with Microsoft Windows and Astice SMS-Sender


·   a direct internet access  (DSL, Cable, etc.)
·   a contract with a service-provider for sending SMS through an internet gateway

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Point and click with your mouse anywhere on the screen where a mobile phone number appears. A new window will open for sending an SMS.
:  The phone number may not contain any spaces.
This number will be recognized as: 01/70324-20
This number won't be recognized as: 01 70324 20

Astice SMS-Sender Screenshot