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The following examples describe resources for a tanning studio. Remember: it could be any resources, such as lifting platforms in a repair shop or a duty roster for the employees.

Resources are shown at the left hand border of the timetable.
Order and appearance can easily be changed.
Select a resource by a simple mouse click.

Every scheduled date is drawn as a square. You can move them with your mouse to switch resources or change time or duration. Point to an appointment and precise times are shown.
You may define a default time grid, which newly added items and changes will snap to.
Time resolution displayed can be adapted to your needs. All types of resource planning are possible. Visible time units range from seconds to quarters.

Details for the scheduled date include start and end time which you may modify. You can enter a caption, which is displayed directly in the timetable. Even the attached style (color) may be changed.

Resource utilization and disposability are shown by the monthly overwiew.
Daily and weekly views for all resources are also available.

With a single mouseclick you can see and change all the details of an appointment.
Item details

You can predefine tasks and simply attach them to the appointment.

You can enter additional information as much as you need. So you as your staff aswell will exactly know what is to be done at the appointment.

Even a picture or office document, e.g. a letting contract, may be attached to every appointment.

Of course all data can be displayed in table form.
Export to other software programs is a simple job. Analyze all data with your favorite spreadsheet or export appointments to your web-page.