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Astice Timetable was designed to work with all current flavors of the Windows® operating system.

Version: 2.8.17 - 21 Oct. 2012    (update.txt with a list of recent changes)

Without a valid licence the program starts as shareware 30 day test version.
You are able to test everything, there are no limitations. After the trial period you must either buy a licence or remove the software from your computer.


Please load the installation file AsticeTTSetup.exe from the Internet and store it in a folder of your choice on your computer.

Open then Windows-Explorer and start the installation with a double click on file name.

The setup assistant will guide you throughout the whole installation process. Step by step all relevant parameters will be asked. Usually you can confirm the default values.

Important: If you are working with Windows 2000, XP or 2003 you have to be logged in as ‘Administrator’. Once the installation is finished you can work with your normal user account. Windows Vista and Windows 7 both recognize the installation process and will prompt you for the administrator's password if necessary.

Before installation you need to close all other running programs, especially anti-virus programs. (If you want to be certain: Please check the installation file with your anti-virus program.)


After installation you will find a new program group in your Windows 'Start-Menu'. Also there will be a new icon on your Windows desktop.